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Aries: daring adventures! People bearing the Aries sign loves to go on thrilling activities that pumps the adrenaline through their body such as bungee jumping, cave diving or skydiving.

Taurus: Being an earth sign, people born under it tend to be down to earth quite literally. Don’t miss Amalfi Coast in Italy, Blue Ridge Mountain in USA, or Quebec in Canada!

Gemini: Being locked up in one place is the biggest torture for Geminis. Adventurous and fast-paced metropolitan cities such as New York City will keep you up and dancing!

Cancer: You love to settle in one place, but you certainly love comfortable travels. The Great Canyon in the USA or the Great Barrier Reef is two beautiful bright places with English speak environment you will certainly enjoy.

Leo: You want to be wild and just roar it out. One of the best places to be the party animal you’ve always been in Bali, Indonesia.

Virgo: Virgo is the embodiment or well-managed life, so they will certainly love a trip to Japan, climbing the 3300 steps in Misato or enjoy a hike around Mt. Fuji and a warm bath in onsen afterward.

Libra: You’re all about being romantic and yes, Paris is the right place to find it! Solo or double, this place is certainly the place where you can feel the amour that is always lit inside you.

Scorpio: From classic art to movie actors from Hollywood, Scorpio’s water sign makes them creative and sensual at the same time. You definitely can’t go wrong in LA.

Sagittarius: Why the Angkor Wat? Because the place is not religious and historic, but also full of knowledge and mysteries, definitely what you have been searching for.

Capricorn: All you hard workers will have an amazing trip if you just let it go – from the Maldives to Jeju Island in South Korea, relax your muscles for a bit!

Aquarius: When it comes to technology lovers, Japan is just the best place to satisfy your interest while traveling!

Pisces: Spiritual Pisces loves a place where you can meditate and just cleanse your mind from the bustling city life. Iceland or Norway – the best two places most Piscean can’t choose from!